Aga 2RM OHP 27.5kg
Aga 3RM PP 26.5kg
Aga 2RM PP 30kg
Aga 1RM PP 31kg
Alan D 1RM Bench 112.5kg
Alan D 5RM Bench 100kg
Alan O 1k Row 3.34.7
Carmel Bar Hang 2.14
Carmel 2RM PP 47.5kg
Cathy Box Squat 32.5kg
Charlotte 3RM PP 37.5kg
Charlotte P Snatch 30kg (4kg)
Charlotte 2RM PP 37.5kg
Cian Annie 6.36
Ciaran H 1RM FS 116kg (1kg)
Ciaran L 1RM FS 125kg
Conor P 1RM FS 110kg
Conor P 4RM FS 100kg
Dearbhail DU x 63
Dearbhail DU x 67
Dearbhail 1RM OHP 33kg
Dearbhail PC&J 45kg
Dearbhail PC&J 47.5kg
Dearbhail 1RM PP 45kg
Debs OHP 2RM 30kg
Debs 1RM FS 58.5kg (11kg)
Debs 2RM FS 52.5kg
Debs OHS 25kg
Debs PC&J 42.5kg (2.5kg)
Debs PC 42.5 (5kg)
Debs P Snatch 32.5kg
Debs 1RM PP 40kg
Diana 2RM OHP 25kg
Diana 3RM PP 30kg
Diana PC&J 32.5kg
Diarmuid 2RM PP 55kg
Drama 1k Row 4.23.0
Drama P Snatch 35kg (2.5kg)
Drama 1RM PP 50kg
Emily 2RM PP 40kg
Emily C 1RM FS 53kg
Emily C 2RM FS 47.5kg
Emily H 1RM OHP 30kg (1.5kg)
Emily H 1RM PP 42.5kg
Emily H 1RM Clean 42.5kg
Emily H P Clean 42.5kg
Emily H P Clean 43.5kg
Emily H 1RM Push Press 43.5kg
Emma C FS 1RM 62kg (2kg)
Emma W 2RM OHP 28.5
Emma W 1RM FS 47kg
Emma W 3RM FS 42kg
Emma W 1RM PP 36kg
Eugene 1RM FS 122.5kg (12.5kg)
Eugene 3RM FS 110kg
Gerard 1k Row 4.03.7
Graham 1k Row 3.38.8
Graham 1RM PP 70kg
James Dunne 2RM PP 95kg
James Dunne 1RM FS 130kg
James Dwyer 1k Row 3.44.4
James Dwyer 1RM FS 91kg
James F PC&J 55kg
Jean 1k Row 4.41.0
Jean 1RM PP 28.5kg
KC 1RM FS 80kg (7.5kg)
KC Chin up x 6 (1)
KC C&J 54kg (1)
KC DU x 28 (1)
KC PC&J 56 (2kg)
KC ME BW DL in 3 min 70 (9)
Keith 1RM FS 86kg
Keith PC&J 65kg (2.5kg)
Kellie W 2RM OHP 22.5
Kellie W 1RM OHP 25kg (4kg)
Kellie W 1RM FS 55kg
Kellie W 3RM FS 47kg
Marie S 1k Row 4.43.7
Midge P Snatch 32.5kg (4kg)*
Midge 1RM PP 40kg*
Orla DU x 35
Orla 1RM FS 50kg (2.5kg)
Orla 6RM FS 45kg
Sarah 12′ Rope Climb
Sinead 1RM FS 53.5kg
SInead 2RM FS 47.5kg
Sue 1k Row 4.28.3
Sue DU
Taryn FS 1RM 58kg (7kg)
Vinny 1k Row 3.46.1
Vinny 1RM FS 100kg
Vinny 3RM FS 90kg
Vinny Kipping Pull up x 21
Vinny C&J 65kg
Vinny Bar MU
Zosia DU x 51
Zosia DU x 55
Zosia FS 1RM 65kg (3kg)
Zosia FS 5RM 58.5kg
Zosia 1k Row 4.09.3
Zosia C&J 47.5kg
Zosia Bar Hang 3.22
* She’s catching you Drama

Coaches were on top of this month’s Challenge. ¬†Well done to KC and Alan.

October’s Challenge will be 20 Plate Burpees for Time.