This is not your everyday fitness class. And this is not full-fledged CrossFit like adults pursue.

We engage in lots of skill, strength and conditioning work; squats, rope climbs, handstands, burpees, kettlebell swings, wall balls…the list is endless!

In class, beginners start small. We don’t’ let them touch weights or increase what they are lifting until they have perfect technique (and are physically capable). It isn’t just about lifting though. In an hour class we could be running, jumping, throwing, climbing, lifting, moving the body in space or working the vestibular system. We concentrate on skilled movements, such as gymnastics and handstands, right over to coordination and agility, to powerlifting such as squats and deadlifts.

Physically, CrossFit is so great for teens because it builds fitness, strength and coordination.

But more than that, it’s teaching our kids discipline, commitment, determination and showing them hard work – and helping them achieve goals and success. This training environment is incredibly conducive to building character and work ethic. Most of all, it is developing confidence in our kids in a world where they are subject to social media pressures and competing expectations. This has a profound affect on the way they tackle tasks not just in the gym, but in the outside world.

The fundamental functionality of CrossFit is also fantastic for any kids that are already playing sports.

We’ve noticed already active athletes succeed tremendously. What classes help with is developing a well-rounded athlete. Not just an athlete that is say good at running, agility and kicking, as would be the case in soccer. We think this is super cool and of great benefit! It’s a fantastic supplement to team sports. Half of our members do classes in conjunction with their training sessions, all year long. They have excelled in their sport majorly!

We really just want to get our teens moving, learning to operate in a team, working hard and learning to enjoy fitness.

Classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 16:00. 

We run through a solid warmup and whiteboard session at the beginning of every class so everyone knows what we are doing and then we are physically active for the remainder of the time. 


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