Monday 14/04/14

KB Armbar

Strength: EMOM x 16 Alternating

KB Push Press x 10

Hollow & C x 10

MetCon: 2 Rounds for Time

Burpees x 5

Sandbag Carry x 100m

Run 100m

Burpees x 5

Farmers Carry x 100m

Sandbag Carry x 100m

Burpees x 5

Run x 100m

Farmers Carry x 100m

Burpees x 5


Tuesday 15/04/14

Complex B x3

Strength: EMOM x 12 Alternating

HSPU x 4

Plank Rotations x 45s

MetCon: Death by Thrusters


Wednesday 16/04/14

Complex C x 3


1a Barbell Row 5×5

1b Banded GM 5×20

MetCon: AMRAP 9 min

KB Snatch x 12

TGU x 1


Thursday 17/04/14


1a Dead Lift

1b Banded Pull aparts x 25

MetCon: Cindy


Friday 18/04/14 *

Strength: Front Squat

MetCon: AMRAP 10 Mins

Dead Lift x 6 (100/80)

Push up x 12

Ring Row x 8


Saturday 19/04/14

11:00 – 12:30 Olympic Lifting


*The 10:00 class on Friday will be a Good Friday Partner Workout.

This will be the recommended class for everyone to attend and ALL are welcome.